January 17, 2022

National Soup Month: 5 Unique Soups You Should Try

There is something soothing about eating a warm bowl of soup. Aside from being an absolute comfort food, soup makes it easy to incorporate a variety of nutritious ingredients. January is National Soup Month, so grab your bowls, get inspired by these delicious recipes, and enjoy some good soup!

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Hearty Pulse Soup

This wholesome soup is made with delicious and nutritious pulses (beans, lentils, split peas, chickpeas). Pick and choose the pulses of your liking and combine with onion, garlic, hot chili peppers, organic whole tomatoes and turmeric powder. Once the soup is nice and hot, add grated cheese to an empty soup bowl and give it a big squeeze of lime juice. Cover the top with final garnishes – chopped greens, cabbage, and avocado slices. As the name reveals, this Hearty Pulse Soup is the ultimate comfort food, leaving you feeling cheerful and satisfied. 

5 Spice Yam Yellow Split Pea Soup with Peanuts

Looking for a truly unique soup recipe? The 5 Spice Yam Yellow Split Pea Soup by Claudia’s Mesa is one of a kind. Made with yam, carrot, parsnip, split peas, and coconut milk, this lovely soup is rich in color and has a velvety texture that goes nicely with the crunch of peanuts on top. What are the 5 spices? A fun mix of yellow curry powder, cumin, chili powder, ground cilantro and cinnamon.

Creamy California Walnut & Tomato Soup

Everyone loves a good tomato soup. Want to know how you can make it extra creamy and delicious? With the help of California Walnuts! This soup gets its creamy texture from walnut cream – a light and airy “cream” created with pureed walnuts and water. Walnut cream is both a great dairy substitute and thickener for spreads, sauces, and soups. The Creamy California Walnut & Tomato Soup is a vegan-friendly recipe and the perfect meal for a cold, winter day. 

Pear Cream with Chorizo and Blue Cheese

Is it a soup? Is it a dip? This creamy and delicious dish is delightful and warming with a kick of spice and a touch of sweet from fresh Bosc pears. Plus, it is super easy to make! Simply sauté pears, potato and leek in some butter, add vegetable broth and bring into a boil, cooking until potatoes are soft. Blend until obtaining a soft texture and season to taste. Serve the pear cream with croutons, cooked chorizo, blue cheese and a dash of pepper. Enjoy!

Sweet Potato-Coconut-Soup

Smooth, sweet and slightly spicy – a spoonful of Sweet Potato-Coconut-Soup will keep you asking for more. Made in about 20 minutes, this soup perfectly combines U.S. Sweet Potatoes with coconut milk, ginger, garlic, and onion.

This soothing bowl of goodness is beautifully and tastefully garnished with red chilis, spring onions, peanuts, and cilantro. A simple soup with plenty of flavor!