February 9, 2021

U.S. Products Go International: 3 Fusion Recipes

What happens when food cultures collide? Food Fusion! When different culinary traditions, cooking techniques, flavors, and ingredients from around the world come together, unique and innovative recipes come to life. Keep reading to discover three fusion recipes inspired by the combination of American products with international dishes.

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1. Pistachiomolé

When it comes to party dips, avocado-based guacamolé is a must have. The Mexican dish is typically made with mashed avocados, chopped tomatoes and onions, spices, and a dash of lime. As it spread around the world, guacamolé recipes adapted to different tastes and incorporated local ingredients. 

U.S. chef, Robert del Grande, has added his own twist to the green dip – the tasty crunch of American pistachios. Both visually pleasing and delicious, the green nuts provide additional texture and flavor to the fusion, renaming it to Pistachiomolé

2. Bánh Mi Style Maine Lobster Roll

The biggest treat for any lobster lover is getting a bite of sweet, flavorful, and tender Maine Lobster. As the largest lobster producing region in the world, Maine is famous for this delicacy that is hand-harvested from its cold, pristine waters. Best know as a fancy dinner dish, lobster can also be enjoyed as a hot dog-like sandwich known as a Lobster Roll. While there are many different versions of this New England speciality, the Bánh Mi Style Maine Lobster Roll gives the sandwich a colorful new look and flavor burst with carrots, radishes, chile pepper, and fresh cilantro. Bánh Mi, a popular sandwich from Vietnam, is a fusion of Vietnamese and French cuisine, making this version a mix of three food cultures. For those wanting to lighten up the mayo schmear in this recipe, the sauce can also be prepared with coconut milk or nonfat yogurt. Next time you have Lobster, make sure to give this American-Vietnamese-French sandwich a try!

3. The Perfect Beef Poke Bowl

The increasingly popular poke bowl is a fusion of Native Hawaiian and Asian food cultures. Originally from Hawaii, a typical poke bowl adds mixed vegetables and diced, sushi-grade raw fish to a base of rice. To flavor to the bowl, it is seasoned with ingredients such as soy sauce, sesame oil, and other Japanese seasonings. 

This interpretation of the dish substitutes “surf” for “turf” by replacing the raw fish with, you guessed it, U.S. Beef! The Perfect Beef Poke Bowl serves grilled steak in a refreshing, new way! The mix of fresh ingredients, including salad greens, avocado slices, radish, edamame, and cucumber, together with shichimi togarashi marinated beef will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.