U.S. Scallop Tater Tots with Wild Rice Crunch and U.S. Whiskey Craft Beer Glaze

Featuring U.S. Scallops, U.S. Whiskey, U.S. Wild Rice and American Craft Beer, this tasty Tater Tot recipe was developed by Birds in the Kitchen. Birds in the Kitchen is a collaboration between Max Kindel, sous chef at the two-Michelin-starred Facil, and Carlo Ennuschat, a music promoter, former taco entrepreneur and general Berlin scenester.

Serves 4-6 portions.

Featuring Alaska Seafood and U.S. Whiskey

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Where to buy the products:

  • In Germany, you can find American wild rice from Müllers Mühle, among other places.
  • Restaurants/B2B customers will find a large selection of American craft beers at Dérer.
  • Sierra Nevada produces a large selection of different craft beers.
  • Whiskey specialties can be purchased from the Beavis Bar store.
  • Extra Special Bitter beer can be bought at the Vagabund Taproom.