Spanish-Korean US Beef Goroke with Onion Blossom Vinegar Mayonnaise, Soy Sauce, Smoked Jalapeño Chili & US Craft Beer Marmelade

A wonderful, culinary fusion of Spanish and Korean cuisine and the delicious flavor of U.S. Beef. Spanish Chef José Miranda Morillo, who has a soft spot for the many croquette variants in Madrid, and his business partner Bini, who originally comes from Korea and enjoys delicious goroke (Korean name for croquettes), brought their insights together for this unique recipe. The recipe, like all the Kochu Karu restaurant’s dishes, combines the best of both worlds.

Serves 8-10 portions.

Featuring U.S. Beef

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  • B2B customers can order U.S. beef via Nice to Meat, among other places.
  • Consumers can find U.S. Beef via Fleischrebellen or Frischeparadies, among other places.