January 29, 2024

From Sashimi to Spaghetti: 7 International Favorites Highlighting Alaska Salmon

Attention salmon lovers! Looking for exciting recipes to feed your love for this delicious fish? Dive into a mouthwatering journey as you explore Alaskan salmon through seven international dishes. From the simplicity of sashimi to salmon-infused spaghetti, these recipes reveal the best bits of this Alaskan gem.

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When it comes to seafood recipes, Alaskan salmon is undoubtedly a popular choice. Known for its health benefits, vibrant color, and ability to seamlessly absorb a variety of flavors, salmon is a favorite of home cooks and chefs alike. These seven international recipes promise to spice up your kitchen routine and send you on a global flavor adventure with your favorite fish – Alaska salmon! From Italian comfort food to spicy Asian delights, these recipes are perfect for everyday meals and special occasions. Rest assured, you’ll never grow bored with these.

Wild Alaska Salmon Pizza

Switch up your pizza game and bring the flavors of Alaska to your table!

The Wild Alaska Salmon Pizza is a fusion of Alaskan freshness and Italian comfort, with silky salmon stealing the spotlight alongside cream cheese and fresh herbs. It’s a pizza party with an Alaskan twist.

Alaska Pollock Cubes in Curry-Coconut Sauce

Take your taste buds to Southeast Asia with Alaska Pollock cubes in a rich curry coconut sauce.

Mild and flaky Alaska Pollock takes on the boldness of curry, creating a dish that’s a delightful fusion of global flavors with a touch of Alaskan charm.

Tandoori Pollock on Coconut Rice and Beans

Give your kitchen an Indian touch with Tandoori Pollock on Coconut Rice and Beans.

Alaskan Pollock marinated in tandoori spices adds a burst of flavor to the creamy coconut rice and hearty beans. It’s a taste of India, Alaskan style.

Ramen with Wild Alaska Salmon

Take your ramen to the next level with Wild Alaska Salmon.

Tender, flaky salmon adds a unique twist to the savory broth and noodles, bringing a taste of Japan with the freshness of Alaskan seafood.

Alaska Salmon Fillet with Pasta and Mit Pesto 

The Mediterranean meets Alaska in this Alaska Salmon Fillet with Pasta and Mint Pesto. Imagine succulent salmon over pasta drizzled with a refreshing mint pesto. It’s a sophisticated yet approachable dish that beautifully blends the aromas of the Pacific Ocean with the charm of the Mediterranean.

Wild Alaska Salmon Sashimi and Tartare with Jerusalem Artichokes and Wild Rice 

Experience the purity of Wild Alaskan Salmon with Sashimi and Tartare. Paired with Jerusalem artichokes and wild rice, this dish not only celebrates the natural flavors of Alaskan seafood but also adds an elegant touch to your raw seafood adventure.

Burrito Bowl with Alaska Wild Salmon, Guacamole, Tomato-Salsa and Mexican Salad

Bring the fiesta to your table with the Burrito Bowl featuring Alaska Wild Salmon. Topped with homemade guacamole, zesty tomato-salsa, and a refreshing Mexican salad, this dish is a celebration of flavors inspired by the lively cuisine of Mexico, with a touch of Alaskan flair.

These recipes not only showcase the incredible versatility of cooking with Alaska Salmon, but also take you on a culinary journey that spans the globe. They bring a taste of Alaska to your kitchen while exploring global culinary influences, inviting you to infuse your home-cooked meals with the exceptional taste of Alaskan seafood.