January 26, 2022

5 Hot Beverages to Warm Up your Winter

What better way to warm up in winter than by curling up with your favorite hot drink? Fruity, spiced or sweet - get inspired by these different recipes and discover your next favorite hot beverage!

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Almond Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa is a classic that makes it possible to enjoy a chocolaty dessert as a comforting drink. This tasty beverage can bring back childhood memories and satisfy a sudden sweet tooth in no time. Have you ever tried making hot chocolate with almond milk? The light, nutty flavor and creamy texture of this plant-based beverage goes perfectly with rich, melted chocolate and a dash of vanilla. For a really luxurious taste, try this with a good-quality chocolate brand such as Guittard.

Cranberry Punch

Love mulled wine, but want to skip the alcohol? Then Cranberry Punch may be your answer! This vibrant drink combines spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and cardamom, with the sweet and tart flavor of U.S. Cranberries and juicy oranges. Garnish the ruby red drinks with kumquat slices and cinnamon bark for the perfect finishing touch.

Tart Cherry Moon Milk

Stunning and smooth – Tart Cherry Moon Milk tastes as good as it looks. This feel-good recipe, courtesy of Amanda Paa of Heartbeet Kitchen, combines the bold flavors of Montmorency tart cherry with silky almond milk, a dash of honey, ashwagandha, and dried culinary rose petals.

Florida Grapefruit Chung (Hot)

Who says you can’t enjoy the feeling of summer and sunshine in a hot drink? The Florida Grapefruit Chung proves it is possible! Requiring a little bit of preparation, the juicy Florida Grapefruit is simply layered in a jar with some sugar and kept at room temperature for a full day, followed by seven days of refrigeration. Afterwards, the pieces of grapefruit and a bit of juice from the jar can be combined with hot water to create a delicious, hot drink known as Florida Grapefruit Chung. Watch the video tutorial here.  

Homemade Spiced Apple Cider

This easy homemade apple cider has just enough warming spices to make your house smell delicious and tantalize your taste buds. The best part about it is that you get both apple cider and applesauce out of this recipe!

Ideally made with Gala and Pink Lady, or about half and half sweet and tart apples, this cozy delight is the perfect hot drink for a gloomy and gray day.