October 25, 2021

Trick or Treat: Homemade Halloween Sweets and Snacks

Pumpkins, ghosts and spiders - with spooky season in full swing, it is time to make some fun Halloween themed treats! Need some inspiration? Check out these cute and creepy Halloween recipes that you can make at home!

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October 31st marks one of the spookiest days of the year – Halloween. Aside from carving pumpkins, decorating houses with spiderwebs, and dressing up, this holiday is also about indulging in treats. Candy corn and sour gummy worms are classic candies, but there are all sorts of creative cookies, sweets, and snacks that can easily be made for fun and frightening festivities.

Whether you plan on throwing a Halloween party or simply giving out sweets to trick-or-treaters, make sure to give one of these homemade Halloween treats a try. Happy Halloween!

Caramel Walnut Spiders for Halloween

How do you turn creepy crawlers into something sweet? With Rebecca Peizer’s Caramel Walnut Spiders! This clever treat is perfect decor for a Halloween party and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. All you need are five ingredients: California Walnuts, black licorice laces, soft caramels, dark chocolate, and black sprinkles. 

Raw Witches Fingers

A frightening and fun take on the term “finger food” – these edible Raw Witches Fingers are a delightfully healthy Halloween treat. You’ll find almonds, walnuts,  dark cocoa powder in them, with the sweetness coming from California Prunes and a touch of maple syrup.

These bars will bewitch children and adults into going back for seconds!

Shortbread Pecan Ghost Cookies

These Shortbread Pecan Ghost Cookies are so good it’s spooky. And they are super easy to make! The only ingredients you need are American Pecans, unsalted butter, sugar, all-purpose flour, and some salt. Serve these adorable ghosts as a festive treat at your Halloween party or gift them to a friend.

Spooky Energy Bite Bats

California Walnuts, dark chocolate chips, California Raisins, and oats come together to create these fun Halloween bat bites that are sure to fly off the table. Recipe developer Jenny Shea Rawn, MS, MPH, RD and healthy food blogger at My Cape Cod Kitchen has successfully taken the popular energy bite trend and turned it into a cute, bite-sized Halloween treat.

Yummy Mummy Beef Pizzas

These Yummy Mummy Beef Pizzas prove that Halloween food is not limited to sweets and candy. These quick and easy pizzas feature homemade beef sausage and have a mummy face made of string cheese!

Baked Jack-O-Lantern Potatoes

No pumpkin carving required this year, instead make a baked potato-Jack-o-lantern style! The recipe by Christy Cusato is quick and easy. Simply take some medium sized, yellow USA Potatoes and carve a face into each one including eyes, nose, and mouth.

Toss potatoes with oil, sprinkle with salt and black pepper, and roast in the oven. You can easily turn them into a party snack by offering a “bloody” dip of ketchup on the side.

Harvest Munch (Monster Munch)

Sweet and salty, this Halloween-inspired party snack mix is perfect for munching while watching scary movies. This delightful Monster Munch combines all the fun ingredients with popcorn, mini pretzel twists, marshmallows, chocolate peanut butter cups, candy corn, and edible googly eyes. Can’t get enough? Pack some of the Monster Munch into little goodie bags for friends or trick-or-treaters!