September 27, 2021

The Beauty of Bowls: A food trend that is here to stay

The expression "people eat with their eyes first" proves to be true with the food bowl trend. Or is it about more than just looks? Keep reading to find out more about the beauty of bowls and get inspired by some delicious bowl recipes for lunch, dinner and even breakfast!

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Everything in Bowls

A complete, balanced meal in a single bowl – that’s the idea behind the food bowl trend. The ingredients used can vary, usually consisting of nutritious classics, popular superfoods and foods unique to other dietary choices. Aside from being customizable, and including everything you may need for a filling meal, food bowls are known to please the eye. 

Need some inspiration to get started? Here are five food bowl recipes that taste just as amazing as they look!

Spiced Purple Power Bowl with California Prunes

How do you catch attention with a meal? With lots of vibrant colors! This nutritious bowl truly embraces all shades of purple with ingredients that naturally display the pretty color. The recipe developed by Patricia Bannan, MS, RDN brings together purple cauliflower, purple fingerling potatoes, red onion, purple kale leaves, red beet, and California prunes. The varying textures and flavors – from roasted vegetables to fresh salads, dry green lentils to juicy California prunes – are nicely topped by an Apple Cider Vinaigrette. A meal that will satisfy all senses!

Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl

By now, the Buddha Bowl belongs to the food bowl classics. Typically vegan or vegetarian, the Buddha Bowl consists of whole grains, plant proteins, and vegetables. Sweet potatoes are a popular choice amongst the nourishing ingredients in the bowl as well as some sort of pulse crop (lentils, chickpeas, etc.).

This recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and savory, while providing you with the fiber and nutrition you need to stay full throughout the day.


Spicy Vegan Brown Rice Bowl

Another vegan bowl to look out for is the Spicy Vegan Brown Rice Bowl. The base of this bowl is U.S. Brown Long Grain Rice with a nice hint of spice.

Paired with roasted chickpeas and broccoli, fresh avocado as well as a delicious sunflower cream, this wholesome bowl knows how to satisfy cravings and keep you asking for more. 

Black Bean Burrito Bowl

A burrito bowl contains all the ingredients of a burrito, minus the tortilla. This Black Bean Burrito Bowl with brown rice and savory beans topped with pico de gallo, avocado, cilantro, and sour cream can be made in 10 minutes and is a perfect way to use your left overs from the fridge. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s delicious.

Best for Last: Breakfast Bowls

White Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Bowls don’t just have to be savory. In fact, the bowl trend can also be seen during breakfast – especially with smoothie bowls or acai, lots of fruit and nutritious grains and nuts. The White Chocolate Smoothie Bowl consists of a creamy and chocolaty smoothie with a surprise ingredient – white beans. With toppings such as California Almonds, strawberries, and even bee pollen, this tasty bowl will brighten your morning.