November 8, 2021

Season Favorites: Comfort Foods for Fall

It’s that time of year again where some days make us want to just stay home and warm up with our favorite comfort foods. Have you been craving some wholesome and delicious meals? Make the best of this season with these 5 comfort foods for fall.

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Pear Cream with Chorizo and Blue Cheese

Is it a soup? Is it a dip? This creamy and delicious dish is hearty and warming with a kick of spice and a touch of sweet from fresh Bosc pears.

Cuddle up with a warm cup of Pear Cream with Chorizo and Blue Cheese and enjoy!

The Ultimate Spicy Beef Pie

This spicy beef pie is original and different from others thanks to its spicy touch. Made with U.S. Beef, this hearty meal is full of flavor and perfect for a cozy family dinner. If you don’t like spicy food, be careful and add the right amount! 

One Pan Brussels Sprout and Red Lentil Pie with a Root Vegetable Crust

Sweet potatoes, red lentils, and brussels sprouts – there’s something very autumnal and comforting about these delicious ingredients.

Golubka Kitchen has brought these season favorites together with a One Pan Brussels Sprout and Red Lentil Pie with a Root Vegetable Crust. This wholesome meal will warm you right up and best of all, makes for great leftovers!

Roasted Romesco Potatoes

Recipe developer Sylvia Fountaine has created a delightful dish with USA Potatoes. Fingerling potatoes are roasted in the oven until golden and tender, then tossed with a Quick Hazelnut Romesco Sauce – smokey, mildly spicy and subtly sweet. This flavorful combination makes a perfect side dish for fall.

Chipotle Vegetarian Three Bean Chili

We can’t talk about comfort food without mentioning a classic – Chili! The Chipotle Vegetarian Three Bean Chili is such a simple recipe with so much flavor.

USA Pulses come in full force, combining a beautiful range of pinto, black, and kidney beans. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, this tasty meal will leave you feeling more than satisfied.