California Prune and Berlin Blood Sausage Croquettes with a Smoked Apple Dip

A unique croquette made with Berlin Blood Sausage, naturally sweet California Prunes and American Craft Beer. Served with a Smoked Apple Dip, this special croquette was created at the Restaurant Lausebengel, a local interpretation of a modern dining pub with reimagined seasonal Berlin cuisine and beer variety from ten taps.

Serves 6 portions (2 croquettes per portion)

Featuring California Prunes 

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Where to buy the products

  • In Germany, you can find California Prunes at Lidl, among other places.
  • The organic brand Morgenland offers organic California Prunes and are available at Denns and Bio Company.
  • Restaurants/B2B customers will find a wide selection of American craft beers at Dérer.
    A large selection of different craft beers is produced by Sierra Nevada. Especially suitable for this recipe is the New England IPA.