December 13, 2021

Homemade Holiday Treats: The Best Baked Goods this December

Baking holiday treats is a must in December. With so many delightful treats and sweets, it can be difficult to decide what to make. Keep reading to discover 6 of our favorite holiday baking recipes to make at home this year.

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Cranberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Cupcakes with the perfect  touch of holiday spirit – this time it’s not the cherry, but the U.S. Cranberry on top that counts. The sugared superfruits look just like frosted holly berries, making sure to provide Christmas-y feelings. This recipe, developed by Healthy Family Project, is definitely one to remember. Super creamy and not at all too sweet. As soon as these cuties reach the table, you’ll feel like you’ve finally arrived in elf land. What are you waiting for?

Gingerbread Wreath and Christmas Tree Ornaments

Who doesn’t love sweet, edible Christmas decor? Confectionery world champion, Andrea Schirmaier-Huber has the perfect recipe for your next Christmas baking activity. Made with California Raisins, these gingerbread cookies will quickly get you in the Christmas spirit! 

A sweet idea for a cozy night in – grab friends or family and make this a fun group activity. Make a big batch of gingerbread so you have enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and have some leftovers to hang up as Christmas decor.

Vanilla Shortbread Cookies

A classic that never disappoints are sweet Vanilla Shortbread Cookies. Full of decorative opportunities, these cookies can be jazzed up by dipping them into melted chocolate and sprinkling them with chopped pistachios. The naturally sweet flavor and crunchy texture of American Pistachios take this treat to the next level. These shortbread cookies serve as the perfect sidekick to a fresh glass of milk or a cozy, hot drink.

California Walnut Sugar Cookies

Another classic cookie, but one with a very special shape… A snowflake shaped sugar cookie! The not-so-secret special ingredient, California Walnuts, give these sweet snowflakes their delicious, nutty undertones and are sure to please kids and grown-ups alike. Of course, you can use any desired cookie cutter shape and get creative with the cookie dough – whether you want snowflakes, little snowmen or Christmas ornaments. Regardless of their final shape, you’ll see that you can’t get enough.

Chocolate California Prune Crinkle Cookies

These crinkle cookies taste magnificent due to their perfect combination of California Prunes and cocoa powder. The center of the cookies are soft and moist, similar to chocolate brownies, while the outside, which is covered in powdered sugar, provides a crispy crunch.   

Walnut Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cake

This rich chocolate cake, flavored with peppermint, is perfect for the holidays. Drizzled with a rich chocolate peppermint glaze and topped with California Walnuts and crushed peppermint candies, this beautiful bundt cake is great for family gatherings. Share a slice of joy with your beloved ones and spread the Christmas spirit.