December 12, 2022

Baking around the World: 4 Warm, Winter Favorites to Try This Year

December is here, bringing with it the promising joys of the holidays. In other words, this is the season filled with the sweet smells of homemade holiday cookies and Christmas cakes. If you're looking for a way to amaze your friends and family with something special this year, we have just the recipes for you! These winter favorites from around the world will be a fun treat amongst the ordinary platter of cookies and a unique way to complement your holiday desserts.

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Whether you’re celebrating a white Christmas in Europe strolling through Christmas markets or lounging by the pool with your family in the Australian summer, all Christmas menus include dessert as an essential element! Explore some of the most delectable traditional Christmas desserts from around the globe to add international flair to your next holiday gathering. You can incorporate these desserts and treats wonderfully into your own holiday dishes, even if you’re celebrating at home this holiday season!

Gingerbread-wreath and Christmas decorations

Who doesn’t love sweet, edible Christmas decor? Confectionery world champion, Andrea Schirmaier-Huber has the perfect recipe for your next Christmas baking activity. These soft,  German gingerbread cookies are made with honey, spice and chopped up California Raisins. The dessert is then decorated with icing, nuts and spices to give it the traditional christmas-cookie-look. Perfect to quickly get you in the Christmas spirit!


Chef Kate Ramos shared a version of this traditional Italian holiday sweet loaded with California Prunes and nuts in a cooking class, and we were hooked. Serve this homemade panforte as a treat by itself, or add it to a cheeseboard for a sweet option that pairs beautifully with cheese and fruit, wine, or coffee. Since this panforte recipe is naturally gluten-free, it’s something everyone can enjoy.

Cheery Cherry Cinnamon-Rolls 

These soft and juicy buns with a delicious butter-cinnamon filling become extra fruity with the addition of juicy Montmorency cherries. The Swedish pastries are garnished with cream cheese icing – simply irresistible! These are best enjoyed fresh out of the oven and have an incredible caramel-cinnamon scent. However, you can also quickly reheat them in the microwave for a few seconds the next day.

Pavlova Wreath with Poached Pears and U.S. Cranberries

This Australian winter-white dessert is almost too pretty to eat. Almost! Cloudlike heaps of meringue are arranged in a circle and baked until shatteringly crisp on the outside yet chewy within. It’s decorated with tender pears that are stained red in a poaching liquid of tart U.S. cranberries and hibiscus tea, reminiscent of glass balls and holiday garland. The complexity of the flavor is pure magic, and the presentation makes for a dreamy holiday dessert.