August 2, 2021

Mocktails and Other Refreshing Drinks for Summer

Nothing tastes better than an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. Get inspired by some fun, homemade mocktails, lemonades, and other refreshing drinks that can be enjoyed all day long.

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Looking for a new, favorite summer drink? Fruity, fizzy, and full of flavor, the following recipes offer great ways to mix up refreshing drinks. Effortlessly impress your friends and family with these decorative drinks that often require only a handful of ingredients. Unlike cocktails, these icy, non-alcoholic drinks can be enjoyed by all ages and at all times.

Sparkling Hibiscus Tea with Grapes and Mint

Love ice tea, but want to shake things up? The Sparkling Hibiscus Tea with Grapes and Mint takes the classic ice tea to a whole new level. The fruity and tart flavor of the hibiscus tea is nicely complemented by fresh mint, California Grapes, and a hint of orange. Sweetened with honey, this tropical drink can be prepared in a martini shaker or bowl and thoroughly enjoyed with ice and grapes for garnish. 

Pear Moscow Mule Mocktail

This non-alcoholic and pear-y twist on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail—with the warming effects of ginger and cinnamon, and the scent of fresh rosemary—is the perfect drink for a backyard barbeque. Choose your favorite USA Pear and steep a pear simple syrup that is truly simple to make. For larger parties, mix the syrup and lime juice in a pitcher so that all you have to do is pour some into an ice-filled glass, top with club soda, and garnish with a slice of juicy pear, a sprig of rosemary, and a cinnamon stick for festive flair. Get extra fancy by serving this mocktail in a copper mug!

Pink Florida Fizz 

Pretty in pink – the eye-catching Pink Florida Fizz is simple, yet stunning! This citrusy refreshment gets its burst of flavor from Florida Grapefruit… better said, Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. Mixed together with a splash of cranberry juice and some lemon-lime soda, this pink drink is great during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Pear Lemonade

Lemonades are a warm weather favorite and especially fun when combined with other fruity ingredients. The natural sweetness of USA Pears, especially green or red Anjou, combined with tangy lemonade is basically a party in your mouth. It is so refreshing and simple. The Pear Lemonade by Karli Bitner can be made with homemade or store bought lemonade as the real magic is created with the simple pear syrup that is added to the lemonade.

Montmorency Tart Cherry Spritzer 

With cherry season in full swing, the taste of Montmorency tart cherries should not be left out! Courtesy of Chelsea Lordshe, the Montmorency Tart Cherry Spritzer truly highlights the red, summer fruit by bringing together 100% Montmorency tart cherry concentrate, cherry-flavored sparkling water as well as Montmorency tart cherries in their natural form. Accompanied by fresh lime and mint, this bold drink is both beautiful and delicious.

Sparkling Ginger and Lime Cranberry Drink 

Four ingredients are all you need to enjoy the vibrant burst of flavor referred to as the Sparkling Ginger and Lime Cranberry Drink.

Developed by Andrea Mathis MA, RDN, LD, this fizzy delight gets its ruby red color and unique taste from US Cranberries. Combined with fresh lime juice and ginger ale, this cold drink is so easy to make, yet impressive especially when garnished with lime wedges and served in a fancy Mason jar.