April 19, 2022

Green Recipes for World Earth Day 

Each year since 1970, an annual event dedicated to environmental protection takes place on April 22. Today, more than 150 countries celebrate this date as International Earth Day to educate people about conservation, sustainability, climate change and to encourage volunteering for the good of the planet. If you are planning on attending a gathering or event and are in need of some food to match the occasion, then keep reading for some green recipes!

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Earth Day is celebrated worldwide, aiming to raise awareness around the importance of an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Many of the U.S. trade associations represented by the European umbrella brand DelicioUS! take measures to ensure a more sustainable production process through environmental stewardship, regenerative practices, water and land conservation techniques, enhancing biodiversity and new innovations and technology. 

Green Recipes with USA Pulses…

The USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council is one of them. With pulses (dry peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas) it’s easy to adopt a climate-friendly diet.

Pulses require little fertilization and water to grow. The earth-friendly crop actually creates its own fertilization by pulling nitrogen from the air and into the soil. In doing so, pulses not only reduce the need for nitrogen fertilization, but also leave behind healthy soil. Diverse farm systems benefit from growing pulses since the crop enriches the soil for the next crop. 

Pulses are also water-savvy, only using one-tenth of the water of other proteins. Additionally, pulses are well-adapted for drought prone areas since they extract water from a shallower depth, leaving more water deep in the soil for other crops. It is said that the low carbon footprint and water and soil efficiency of pulses make them the ideal sustainable food of the future.

As they require little processing and no refrigeration most forms of pulses are shelf-stable and can be stored at room temperature for months or years, while still maintaining their nutritional value. 

The Green Lentil Monster Smoothie is a real superfood – or in this case, a superdrink. Staying true to the green classics, this recipe includes spinach leaves, creamy avocado, green apples, and a banana base. What makes this drink special, are the two unique additions: green lentils and pea milk.

Want to try a bite-sized pulse snack? Then Falafel may just be the answer to your craving! The base of these falafels are chickpeas, which are  combined with lots of delicious spices, such as cumin, coriander, and cardamom. This snackable, vegan recipe can be served fresh and hot or taken to go and enjoyed with hummus, tahini sauce, or a pita.

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Green Recipes with U.S. Rice…

Long before sustainability became a trendy buzz word, the U.S. rice industry was committed to investing in sustainable production and processing practices. In fact, over the past 36 years, improved sustainability practices have led to increased crop yields while also yielding some of the greatest environmental benefits.

Practices such as precision water use, conservation tillage, and winter flooding have only improved over time and through advances in technology. The data clearly show the hard work of rice farmers is making significant positive impacts on the environment. Soil is preserved. Water is efficiently used. Air is cleaner. Wildlife habitat is increasing.

Want to bring the perfect snack to an Earth Day get-together? All wrapped up and ready to roll, the vegan Miso Collard Wraps are fresh and healthy wraps packed with flavorful, miso-infused brown rice and a rainbow of vegetables is delicious.

Long grain brown rice is the key ingredient for this green recipe. As the name implies, the rice has a long, slender kernel and when cooked, the grains are lighter, fluffier, and more separated than their medium or short grain counterparts. Therefore, they are perfect for wraps, pilafs and stir-fries. 

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Green Recipes with American Pistachios…

American Pistachio Growers in California, Arizona and New Mexico don’t just have a green looking nut, but also a deep commitment to wisely use natural resources, human resources, and incorporate innovation and the newest technologies to produce the world’s finest pistachios. They wear many hats as environmental stewards, caring and compassionate employers, significant contributors to local, state and national economies, and conscientious producers of a protein-packed, nutrient-dense food for the world.

Maybe it’s because the pistachio industry is relatively new in the United States, with commercial production beginning as recently as the 1970’s, that they are quick to adopt new technologies and practices that result in continuous improvement. American pistachio growers are constantly investing in research and innovation to develop the best practices in the utilization of renewable energy and overall farming efficiency. 

Producers have made water efficiency a top priority by adopting water conservation techniques and irrigation systems that stretch precious water supplies and protect the soil from air and water erosion. Having endured several severe droughts, by necessity, pistachio growers have had to adapt and innovate.

American Pistachios are full of flavor and nutritious. Small, green, and convenient – they make the perfect snack. However, that’s not all – pistachios are a delicious ingredient for both sweet and savory recipes! A unique dish both in appearance and flavor is the  Pistachio-Powered Portabella Mushroom. This simple, yet stunning recipe is by Jeremy Jones, a professional snowboarder and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. The dish can be served as a main dish or sliced into bite-size chunks for an appetizer.

pistachio date balls

Get to know the sweet side of pistachios with Date & Pistachio Balls. This crunchy, vibrant energy ball is courtesy of Sweet Paul Magazine. These Date & Pistachio Balls use the popular Medjool date, also known as the queen of dates. It is particularly juicy and very soft. The crunchy American Pistachios are not only  richer in potassium and vitamin K than other nuts, but also offer a fresh, piney and pleasantly sweet taste. These energy boosters are a perfect treat for on the go and can be easily shared with friends.

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