July 18, 2022

Getting creative with coffee

Waking up to the scent of freshly brewed coffee is something many find comfort in. Around the world, a warm cup of coffee is the first, and maybe even favorite, beverage of the day. If that's not enough of a caffeine kick for you, you can also whip up some mouthwatering treats with this aromatic ingredient. Recipes made with coffee are not just for coffee-lovers, as they are often combined with a variety of other ingredients and flavors to create a completely new treat. Keep reading to find out some creative ways to enjoy coffee.

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We all know that coffee pairs beautifully with both chocolate and liquor, as well as fruits and berries, such as peaches, plums and apricots. It’s all about getting that flavor note just right.   With everything from the classic coffee cake to intriguing variations like coffee ice cream or almonds with a coffee crust, you will be inspired to make more than just your daily cup of coffee.

Almond Crumble Coffee Cake

The wholesome smell of cardamom, nutmeg and naturally sweet California Prunes – Georgeanne Brennan’s coffee cake is extra special. The cake is super soft and crumbly, going perfectly with an afternoon cup of coffee or tea. The crunchy topping can be made with almonds, but also with walnuts or pecans. Serve these warm squares of goodness and enjoy the perfect blend between soft, crumbly, crunchy and a bit juicy. 

Brazilian Coffee and Cocoa Almonds 

With this recipe, almonds just got even more addictive: coconut sugar-orange glazed whole California Almonds are dipped in bittersweet chocolate, then coated with crushed almonds, espresso powder and cocoa powder. This flavorful snack will have you craving more with each bite. Make a batch and share some of this crunchy, coffee sweetness with friends!

Walnut Ice Cream

This walnut ice cream is flavored with a dash of maple and a hint of freshly roasted coffee. A blend reminiscent of the popular hazelnut coffee – only cold, extremely creamy for those summer afternoons. The California Walnuts add an even more intense, nutty flavor if you toast them first (or buy them that way, but make sure they’re unsalted). Skeptical? Try it for yourself!

Espresso and Cherry Poached Pears 

Liven up your dessert offerings with these espresso- and cherry poached pears. This dessert not only looks like a work of art, but also creates a unique flavor experience. Delightfully sweet and soft, these pears taste like a dream with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Chickpea Coffee Cake

This moist and delicious cake may sound unusual at first, but is surely one to impress. You may even find yourself scraping for delicious crumbs by the end! Made with creamy peanut butter and sweet blueberry jelly, it has a great salty-sweet flavor, while hints of coffee tie it all together. That’s not all! One special ingredient can be found in the dough: chickpeas. This extra-delicious dessert smells wonderful while baking and tastes even better!

Almond Beet Iced Latte

For all Iced Coffee lovers out there, we suggest trying this vibrant twist on your traditional latte. With the addition of beetroot powder and fresh raspberries, this summery drink gets a pretty pink color, while cinnamon and hemp seeds add great nutritional value. Using almond milk instead of regular dairy products makes this beverage seem extra smooth and makes it the perfect drink for anyone, vegan or not.