August 14, 2023

Cool Off with These Refreshing Summer Smoothie Recipes

Discover a collection of refreshing smoothie recipes that will keep you cool and energized this summer. These unique blends showcase the best produce from various regions across the US, providing both flavor and nourishment with each sip. Get ready to beat the heat with these invigorating smoothies.

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When the summer sun is at its peak, there’s nothing quite like sipping on a refreshing smoothie to quench your thirst and keep you going. Smoothies are not only a delicious way to cool off, but they also offer a great opportunity to explore a new world of flavors and explore the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Say goodbye to cliché drinks and prepare to kick off your summer with some extraordinary recipes.

Super Pink Smoothie

Alison Needham’s Super Pink Smoothie is a fruity blend of raspberries and strawberries, offering the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. Adding a burst of flavor and a wealth of nutrients, California Prunes take this smoothie to the next level. Rich in vitamin K, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants, this nutritious smoothie creation is a crowd-pleaser. Not to mention, perfectly pink and on-trend with this summer’s Barbie movie!

Green Lentil Monster Smoothie

If you’re a fan of green smoothies, you’re in for a treat. Staying true to the green classics, this smoothie combines spinach leaves, creamy avocado, green apples, and a banana base. What sets this recipe apart? Two unique additions: green lentils and pea milk. This recipe shows a great way to sneak in some USA Pulses for that extra health kick.

Sweetpotato Creamsicle Smoothie

This creamy smoothie fuses together the beloved orange-vanilla creamsicle flavors with a special ingredient: sweet potatoes. It may sound unusual at first, but the combination has its reasons! By adding North Carolina Sweetpotatoes, this smoothie gets an extra creamy base, some natural sweetness and includes some extra antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Treat yourself to this beautiful blend for a taste of summer in a glass.

Cherry Revitalizer Smoothie

Need a pick-me-up during your busy day? Look no further than the Cherry Revitalizer Smoothie. Combining the refreshing essence of cherries, bananas, and hydrating coconut water, this blend will satisfy your cravings while providing a burst of energy. Featuring Montmorency U.S. Tart Cherries, this smoothie is the perfect companion for a hot day.

Tropical Almond Smoothie

Packed with nutrients, this tropical green smoothie will make you feel like you’re on a beautiful beach vacation – complete with sun on your face and wind in your hair! Blending the flavors of sweet passion fruit and pineapple with fresh spinach and a dash of California Almond milk, this recipe is perfect for after a workout or for a nutrition wellness snack anytime. Recipe developed by Maggie Michalczyk, RDN on behalf of Almond Board of California.