June 17, 2021

Celebrate Midsummer with 3 Scandinavian Recipes with a U.S. Twist

There are many ways to enjoy summer, but have you ever celebrated Midsummer? Widely celebrated in northern Europe around the time of the summer solstice in June, the centuries-old event commemorates the beginning of summer. Dancing and singing, community gatherings, as well as traditional feasts are all part of the floral festivities. Get ready for the Midsummer Celebration and indulge in these three Scandinavian recipes with a U.S. touch.

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Like most celebrations, Midsummer is accompanied by an array of delicious dishes and tasty treats. Classic ingredients and flavors to expect on the table are pickled fish such as herring and salmon, potatoes, fresh dill, cheese, and strawberries. The following dishes are Scandinavian inspired recipes with a small twist – each is made with a high-quality, U.S. ingredient. Impress friends and family with these culinary delights that will have them running to the table after each song and dance.

Pickled Wild Alaska Salmon with Red Onions and Beets in a Jar

The long Nordic winters are said to be one of the contributing factors for the popularity of pickled products in northern European countries. Pickling fruits, vegetables and meats is not just a great way to preserve food, but also gives products a special texture and flavor – one that is greatly enjoyed in countries such as Sweden and Denmark. The slightly acidic taste of pickled items is often enjoyed as a side to foods that are a bit sweeter or more neutral in flavor. Pickled Wild Alaska Salmon with Red Onions and Beets in a Jar is an eye-catching addition to the dining table. The jar nicely combines traditional ingredients like beets, dill and red onion together with delicious Wild Alaska Salmon. Having a pickled recipe at the Midsummer celebration is a must!

Courtesy of Alaska Seafood

Hasselback Potatoes

A traditional Swedish dish, that supposedly goes back to the 1700s, is the wonderful Hasselback Potatoes. A cross between baked and roasted potatoes, this fancy-looking dish is a super easy crowd-pleaser. This recipe for Hasselback Potatoes by Taylor Dadds only requires five ingredients: yellow U.S. Potatoes, butter, sage leaves, sea salt, and oil. Whether as a side or a main course, Hasselback Potatoes can be enjoyed by all!

California Prune Swedish Meatballs

Arguably one of the most popular dishes from Sweden is the iconic Swedish meatballs. Chances are, you recognize this meal from Ikea, where the meatball dish is typically served with gravy and lingonberry jam. So what is so special about Swedish meatballs? The Swedish comfort food consists of smaller sized meatballs that are made with a 50-50 ratio of ground pork and ground beef. Spices such as nutmeg, cardamom, and allspice give this savory treat a delightful taste that goes nicely with a creamy sauce. Delicious California Prunes add flavor and moisture to California Prune Swedish Meatballs without adding extra fat. Garnished with fresh dill, this recipe is a heartwarming and satisfying dish.