November 23, 2021

3 Unique Dishes to Bring to a Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone knows the Thanksgiving classics, but sometimes it’s nice to throw a new, delicious dish into the mix. Need some unique recipe ideas for this Thanksgiving? Give these three dishes (appetizer, entree and dessert) a try and impress your friends and family!

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Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board with Maple Sage Pecans

A Solid Start with Seasonal Favorites: Everyone loves a good Charcuterie Board, so why not make one tailored to Thanksgiving? With the help of America’s native nut, the American Pecan, you can turn this snackable platter into an appetizer suited for the season. Prepare a delightful Rosemary Pecan-Crusted Goat Cheese and a Honey Cinnamon Pecan Spread. Fill the spaces between the cheese, meats and crackers with some fresh herbs and homemade Maple Sage Pecans. This beautiful Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board is the perfect way to start the foodie feast.

Stuffed Pumpkin

A Fun Fall Entree: Halloween has passed, but pumpkin carving isn’t over yet. This vibrant Stuffed Pumpkin might just steal the show from the usually sought after Thanksgiving Turkey.  Filled to the brim with a breaded mixture of wild rice, minced meat, and U.S. Cranberries – this recipe is perfect for all Stuffing Lovers. Each guest can get their own pumpkin filled with warm, tasty goodness. Definitely, a dish to be remembered!

Sweet Potato Chocolate Blondies

A Sweet Competitor to Pumpkin Pie: This autumnal dessert is the definition of unique and delicious! Made with American Sweet Potatoes, these chocolate blondies bring a pop of color and burst of flavor to the table. Only requiring six ingredients, this blondie recipe is not just simple, but also vegan and gluten-free. You can’t go wrong with this sweet treat.