September 6, 2021

Tasty Back To School Lunch Ideas

Summer is coming to an end and schools are starting up again. Adjusting to the rhythms of a school schedule and homework assignments can be tough at first. Not to mention, coming up with enough snack and lunch ideas that are both nutritious and tasty for the little ones. Need some help? Keep reading and discover these simple and kid-friendly meals to get you through the week.

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Kids can be tricky when it comes to food. Finding lunch recipes that are tasty, at least somewhat nutritious, and quick to make is not always the easiest of tasks. Luckily, there are some wonderful recipes out there that are kid-friendly and simple to make. 

Smart and Yummy School Lunch 

Kid-friendly Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli and Pears

Ready in 15 minutes, only uses one pot, kid-friendly, and combines fruits and vegetables – is that even possible? The answer is yes! The Kid-friendly Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli and Pears is a tasty meal for kids and even toddlers or babies. This recipe makes it possible to sneak in some fruits and veggies, more specifically, nutritious broccoli and delicious USA Pears.  A great way to upgrade the popular Mac and Cheese dish!

‘Mushi’ (Mexican Sushi) 

A fun, bite-sized meal that might just steal the show during lunch break is the so-called ‘Mushi’. Japanese sushi rolls are tasty, but not really a typical kid lunch. Skip the seaweed and the soy sauce and add a Mexican twist with ingredients such as flour tortillas. Made with U.S. Rice, ‘Mushi’ is a satisfying meal with a delicious taste that also has kid-appeal.

White Bean and Tuna Quesadillas with Cherry Tomato Pico

Quesadillas are probably one of the quickest meals to make. In their simplest form, Quesadillas merely require tortilla and cheese. The beauty of this Mexican delight is the possibility of customizing the dish based on preferences and desired ingredients. White Bean and Tuna Quesadillas with Cherry Tomato Pico aren’t just tastier, but they are also more nutritious with the help of some simple ingredients. White beans are a nutritional powerhouse that are a great addition to many meals, especially in Mexican cuisine. Include tuna and tomatoes for some additional flavors. Adult-favored ingredients, such as onions, jalapenos and garlic can easily be left out.

California Prune Swedish Meatballs

Who says comfort food can’t be brought to school? California Prune Swedish Meatballs are delightful for all ages. Make it easy for yourself and prepare the dish for a family dinner and pack up the leftovers for a school lunch. California Prunes provide a hint of sweetness that goes nicely with the creamy sauce and meatballs. Mashed or cooked potatoes are a great complement to this dish as well. If a touch of veggies is desired, simply add some green peas to the meal. 

Pasta Primavera with Pecan Parmesan Topping

A colorful pasta dish is always a good idea. This Pasta Primavera with Pecan Parmesan Topping recipe includes a mix of bright vegetables and is topped with naturally sweet American Pecans. The spring pasta lets you sneak in plenty of tasty veggies and can be enjoyed year round!