May 4, 2021

Lobster Takeover – Berlin’s Famous Grillwalkers Replace Bratwurst With American Lobster Tails On Their Mobile Grills

From May 17-22, 2021, Grillwalkers roaming around Berlin will set a new trend and bring American Lobster Tails to the city. The lobster is considered the noblest crustacean in the world - it is delicious, uncomplicated, extraordinary, and casual at the same time. While lobster is often seen as a luxury food for fine dining, the Berliner Grillwalkers will prove that it is also easy to enjoy high-quality seafood on the go. Don’t miss the chance to grab some deliciously grilled American Lobster Tails!

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Easy, Breezy, Lobster Tail! 

For some it may come as a surprise, but lobster is actually easy to prepare if you choose a convenient product, such as frozen raw lobster tails. There is no need to be an expert in the kitchen as long as you have the right product. One of the simplest ways to enjoy lobster tails is by grilling. How does it work? Lay them out on the grill halved and lengthwise on their shell side. Then add some olive oil, salt, and a dash of lemon. Within minutes you have your delicious treat!

Sound tasty? Want to give it a try? Lucky for Berliners, grilled U.S. lobster is coming their way! From May 17th to 22nd foodies in the Berlin area can enjoy takeaway grilled Lobster in the middle of the city. The Grillwalkers on Friedrichstraße will be serving grilled lobster tails from their portable grills along with buttery brioche rolls and sauce Rouille and coconut marinade – possibly starting a new trend in the street food world. This all comes at a very affordable price: around 7,50 euros for a lobster half. A perfect treat for a springtime stroll along the boulevard “Unter den Linden”

For this unique campaign, the Grillwalkers have teamed up with the U.S. non-profit organization Food Export USA Northeast. This partnership shows that the preparation of lobster is less complicated and more affordable than one might think – making it a great alternative for the grill at home. You can find more exciting stories and recipe here or download our brochure.

It is worth noting that the shellfish are NOT cooked alive. That is long outdated. The animals are traditionally caught in traps on the U.S. East Coast and gently killed, cut up and frozen on-site. Contrary to the clichés, lobster fishing in New England is characterized by small family businesses that place a great value on quality and sustainability. More information about the harvest and preparation of American Lobster, as well as many delicious recipes, can be found here

Sustainable Lobster Harvesting

American Lobsters are native to the East Coast of the United States and are known for having a sweet and nutty taste that is meaty, yet tender with each bite. 

The sustainable harvesting and processing methods practiced by the industry are unique and very true to the lobster fishing business. Take a look and find out more about their story.

provided by Food Export Northeast

American Lobster: An incredibly versatile product

Butter, lemon juice, and fresh herbs are all you need to make your own mouth-watering lobster delight. Try out this Butter Poached Maine Lobster Tails recipe and see for yourself. Can’t get enough? Check out some other ways to prepare the American Lobster with chef Barton Seaver.

provided by Food Export Northeast

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