February 5, 2024

From U.S. Hop Cone to Beer Glass – A DelicioUS! Guide to Picking the Right Hops

Brewers unite to share tips on hops sensory and toast to U.S. hops in Belgian beer!

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From U.S. Hop Cone to Beer Glass

Choosing just the right hop variety to capture the aroma and bitterness you’re looking for in a beer recipe is key, and U.S. hop growers are well suited to offer brewers from around Europe just what they need. From supplying traditional recipes to new, innovative styles, the wide range of American hops can provide the versatility and diversity that brewers are seeking as the industry grows and develops with its consumer base. 

Hop Sensory and Selection Basics with Matt Brynildson 

Being able to select the hop that is right for you and your brewery requires a knowledge of hops sensory and selection. Feel intimidated? Don’t be! In the video below, Brewmaster Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker Brewing Co. shares his expertise on hops sensory. He describes the ins and outs of selection basics and how to pair just the right hop variety with the relevant style of beer. From classics to newer U.S. hop varieties such as Adeena™, Azacca™, HBC 586, and McKenzie™ this technique can be utilized to develop a beer that has the characteristics that you desire. 

Learn more about hops sensory from Matt here!

Brewing Belgian Beer with U.S. Hops with Thom Morrell 

Brewing beer is embedded in Belgian culture and tradition, and the marriage of Belgian beer with U.S. hops is a perfect pair. With this in mind, Brewer Thom Morrell of Uncharted Brew Co. in Antwerp, Belgium partnered with USA Hops to brew three IPAs showcasing what U.S. hop varieties can offer in Belgian beer. In urban dictionary terms, “dank” is synonymous with delicious, and that’s just how Thom describes U.S. hops. 

“USA hops – it’s innovation, fruitiness, excitement, dankness, and quality.”

Thom Morrell (center, in plaid) cheers alongside friends in the U.S. and Belgium beer community.

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