September 1, 2023

DelicioUS! Celebrates American Craft Beer at Berlin Beer Week 2023

DelicioUS! is back to celebrate American craft beer at the Berlin Beer Week 2023. Join the festivities from September 1st to September 10th, featuring the official Festival Beer Release Party, a Brews Cruise along the Spree River, and more.

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Berlin, Germany – For the second consecutive year, DelicioUS! is proudly sponsoring the Berlin Beer Week (BBW) and the Beer, Bourbon, BBQ event at Kulturbrauerei Berlin. DelicioUS! is shining a spotlight on the rich and diverse world of American craft beer, while also celebrating a wide array of agricultural products from the United States. In collaboration with U.S. trade associations, such as the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission, Yakima Chief Hops, the Southern United States Trade Association, and the Tennessee Tourism Board, DelicioUS! is showcasing the craftsmanship and innovation that define American agriculture.

Beer, Bourbon, BBQ – August 25 – 27

The Beer, Bourbon, BBQ event, which ran from August 25th to August 27th, marked a lively start to Berlin Beer Week 2023 at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin. The event centered around brewed beers and bourbon, offering a diverse selection to please the palate. Over 25 different craft beer varieties were presented by dedicated brewers, catering to a range of tastes. Alongside the beers, a fine selection of bourbon and whiskey could be enjoyed.

To complement the beverages, the event featured a variety of BBQ and street food options to keep attendees well-fed. Amongst them, “buttermilk fried Nashville hot chicken and North Carolina sweet potato infused waffle with honey butter and maple syrup” from local legend “Humble Pie” was a true highlight. Live bands and street musicians added to the festival atmosphere, providing entertainment for all. Throughout the weekend, visitors had the chance to enjoy a range of program highlights, making it a memorable start to Berlin Beer Week 2023.

DelicioUS! Press Tasting – August 30

Leading up to the Berlin Beer Week, a special pre-event took place on August 30th – the exclusive DelicioUS! Press Tasting. Guests were invited to the residence of the Deputy Chief of Mission, Woodward Clark Price, in Berlin, setting the stage for a pleasant appetizer to the upcoming festivities. The summer garden event offered tasty American food and beer, paired with live music and good company. 

Berlin Beer Week – September 1 – 10 

Scheduled from September 1st to September 10th, the Berlin Beer Week 2023 promises an exciting lineup of activities for beer enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike. The opening weekend, spanning from September 1st to September 3rd, will kick off with an official Festival Beer Release Party, signature Brews Cruises, and numerous other engaging events.

Taste of USA Brews Cruise – September 2 

Among the program highlights is the signature Taste of USA Brews Cruise on the river Spree on Saturday, September 2nd. For this exclusive Brews Cruise, a variety of craft beers are imported directly from the USA to ensure the very best from American breweries. During the cruise, attendees have the freedom to savor as many different brews as they like, as often as they like! Eastside Gallery, TV Tower Oberbaumbrücke & much more – the brews cruise passes by some of Berlin’s top sightseeing spots, all accompanied by a DJ set with funk & soul.

As the Berlin Beer Week 2023 is getting started, DelicioUS! invites all attendees to join in celebrating the spirit of craft brewing. It’s an opportunity to enjoy great beer and also explore the diverse world of American cuisine. Click here to learn more about U.S. Hops. Cheers to a delicious experience at the Berlin Beer Week!